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Discussion in 'Support' started by Davemcfa42, May 2, 2015.

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      Hi, First time contributor.

      I've had tinnitus for about ten years, and its now turning into mild hyperacusis.
      Both my tinnitus and hyperacusis seems to be getting worse.
      I'm 40 and my hearing is perfect. I have been to an audiologist and was told my tinnitus is not noise induced.

      How do i find out where my T comes from?

      Has anyone tried a brain scan or anything like this?

      Thanks, Dave
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      Did you do a hearing test up to 16khz? Many times hearing loss hides there at the high freqencies.
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      acoustic trauma
      A EEG scan can show it. Lorreta EEG is the more detailed one. I once heard a story of some guy that made a bet with a doctor to scan his brain and guess his ailment. They did the scan and the doctor concluded he had Tinnitus. He was right ...

      MRI can show trapped veins.

      All depends what type of T you have. Is it pulsating and low hum or woosh or is it a constant high tone, does it modulate when clenching your jaws and do your jaws click?

      All in all an ENT is not specialised enough to say it is not noise induced. They can only measure your hearing up to 8000-9000 Hz ... my tinnitus is at 12000-13000 ... so don`t believe your ENT to soon ... they have no clue. Find a specialized Tinnitus doctor and let them test you and if you really want you can do one of those EEG`s ... I think it would be enlightening to do it if you can spare the money.
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      Thats great advice, thank you.

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