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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by bckflash, Oct 4, 2016.

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      Hi all,

      So my ear issue started driving through the mountains a few months ago. I felt a fullness begin in my right ear and didn't think much of it due to constant allergies and similar issues in the past. Although this time I had dizziness! I was working in a military clinic and had multiple docs look in my ear. No one said I should see an E.N.T even when I mentioned dizziness. Went to my acupuncturist and the dizziness subsided in a week but the ear fullness never left. I kept taking Sudafed and Anti-Inflammatories thinking it was a middle ear problem. I moved in that time, waited for new insurance to kick and, and started with Kaiser. Finally walked into urgent care and asked to see an ENT. Was given Sudafed and told to come back and get an audiogram if it didn't work.

      In short, I have lost a profound amount of hearing in my right ear, and had an MRI done. Both ears now have a "fullness" feeling, and my right ear just started exhibiting loud, pervasive tinnitus. FINALLY seeing an ENT in a couple days after going "out of network" with my insurance. But the consensus from standard docs and my audiologist is the ENT won't be able to do anything. Just moved where I don't know anyone, was struggling with loneliness and depression, and now this ...

      I've spent the last couple of days in tears angry at myself for not aggressively addressing this sooner. Never even heard of sudden hearing loss or an ENT before this last month. The fullness is FAR more annoying than the tinnitus ... but sometimes you just want the sound to STOP so bad.
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      Really sorry to hear about your story. How loud is your T now? Prior to the drive through the mountains, anything that you think might have caused the fullness in the ears? Were you on any medications in the year prior that maybe triggered it like antibiotics? Do you have any history of going to loud places because of being in the military?
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      It's probably your E-Tubes being inbalanced. You need to pop them to equalize pressure. You were at uneven altitude so this is normal. When I go on planes, my ears don't pop until a month later. Try holding your noise and blowing gently. Eat very dramatically, opening your mouth widely with every chew. You should feel something pop.
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      Meniere's Disease
      Hope you are getting help and support for depression and you will never be alone on here.
      Keep posting for support ,
      Lots of love glynis x
    5. Lorac

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      Sudden profound hearing loss in left ear.
      Hello @bckflash ,
      Welcome to the forum! I have a profound sensorineural hearing loss in my left ear so I can relate. Like you, I failed to aggressively seek treatment at onset but I don't dwell on that mistake. Many victims of SSHL do not improve, even with prompt treatment. Please don't feel angry at yourself.
      You are in a tough spot, having just relocated. It is helpful to have family and close friends around for support and it sounds like you have moved away from those people. You may want to find an understanding therapist for support because it's really rough in the beginning. I hope that joining this forum will help you.
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