Recommended Earplugs for an Indoor Sports Event

Discussion in 'Support' started by scankaroo, Jan 13, 2016.

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      I live in the UK, and on Saturday 27 February I am going to the Carl Frampton v Scott Quigg boxing fight in the Manchester Arena. Basically, an indoor venue that will have around 25,000 roaring fans.

      Naturally, having T I could not go there without ear protection. My ears would be ringing excessively for months after if I did.

      Can anyone recommend any ear plugs, brands or whatever to use? I'm looking at one's you can mould yourself, etc.. But I'd take personal recommendation first on this.

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      I don't understand putting yourself at risk for something you could watch on TV, but there are custom ones you can have professionally made(I wouldn't do it yourself), musician's ear plugs(less protection in the mid range), and standard ear plugs. I could tell you which ones I have, but you should check amazon reviews for all your options; at the end of the day you might want to go whatever looks best to you out of all the products there.
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      I use etyplugs, available on Amazon. The same company makes more sophisticated custom fit ones as well. The are noise reducers, not actual ear plugs. I wear them walking around a lot. If it were me, I would take both those as well as the 3M industrial foam ear plugs (they come in convenient disposable packs), as 25,000 fans might still be too noisy for you with the etyplugs. Make sure you insert the ear plugs properly or they well not help you much. The etyplugs come in different sizes.
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      This is ridiculous. Your "risk" going to this event with custom made musicians ear plugs is very close to 0. Countless musicians have tinnitus (Anthony Kiedis, Neil Young, Steve Aoki, Chris Martin, Eric Clapton, the list goes on), and they continue playing loud concerts DAILY without their T worsening. They just wear professionally made ear plugs! Make the $200 investment so you can life the life you would live with or without tinnitus! Don't sit at home because you have tinnitus. Protect your ears, and don't give it another thought!

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