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Discussion in 'Support' started by rcs, Jul 10, 2015.

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      I have a low Tinnitus since 2010 and this year it became much louder and I tried to find something to do . Since I have studied sound in my film university, I have some knowledge about how the phisic of sounds works.
      I want to test some ideas that I have and try to record the Tinnitus.
      Everybody starts from the fact that only you alone can hear your own Tinnitus and nobody else , therefore you can't record it, because it doesn't really exists.
      Well, I think it can be recorded using some ultra sesitive microphones and anti-fonic ambiance because some people have soo loud tinnitus that it's imposible not to record it using some tehnique (electromagnetic frequency, etc) because almost everything has an electromagnetic field and I think Tinnitus has one too and if you find it and recorded , maybe it can be repaired or create an anti-tinnitus frequency.
      I would like to test this idea since a lot of money are wasted for Tinnitus and nothing happened.
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      in the case of subjective tinnitus that is being generated inside the auditory system, the difficulties involved in recording it at are almost identical to the difficulties you would encounter trying to make a visual/video recording of the images from a dream.

      I am optimistic that both things are possible, but the technology is not quite there yet. Once it is, I envision a wildly popular career for myself reselling videos of my dreams to be used as images for illuminati-themed pop music videos.
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