Redness and Liquid in Ears: A Contributor to the Worsening of My Tinnitus?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Zigs, Oct 14, 2019.

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      Hi All

      Not sure if this is the right place to post so please accept my apologies if not.

      I have lived with tinnitus for over ten years after developing it following an ear infection when I was 21. In all honesty it has never really bothered me that much, I think I was lucky that it was quiet and I habituated quickly. I didn’t make any lifestyle changes - still went out to clubs, bars etc. I have always been very afraid that it would get worse and in light of what has now happened I feel very frustrated with myself.

      Just over a week ago my left ear was feeling “off” and as I’ve had issues with wax build up before I booked a GP appointment and used heated olive oil in my ear twice. When I went to the GP they said it was otitis media (I think) and gave me some drops. No real issues - but the following day I went on a normal night out and woke up the next day with v severe ringing / hissing in my left ear, which has not gone away since. Needless to say I am pretty distraught. I’ve been back to my doctor and also saw an ENT privately. I also saw an audiologist (for custom ear plugs) and visited Amplifon to discuss masking devices. Here’s the confusing part - the ENT said my ears look normal, but both the audiologist and the guy in Amplifon wouldn’t do anything with my ears as they said there was redness and liquid. My appointment with Amplifon was today and he actually showed me the liquid / bubbles behind my ear drum on screen. Could this fluid be causing the exacerbated tinnitus? I’m so confused what my next steps should be. Has anyone experienced similar?

      Thanks so much
      Zigs x

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