Reducing Water Intake Improved My Tinnitus

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Tony Phylactou, Dec 7, 2011.

    1. Tony Phylactou

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      Cement factory noise lowT,then stress high T
      I have been suffering from noise induced Tinnitus for over 10 years. Lately I noticed that after having a few pints of beer at the pup lunchtime, my Tinnitus seemed to increase in volume.
      Immediately I thought alcohol was responsible so I gave up my lunchtime beer and noticed an improvement after a few days.

      Then I decided to experiment and started drinking the equivalent amount of beer intake in pure tap water, and to my surprise the Tinnitus volume increased once again.

      I put two and two together and realized that excessive liquid intake was my problem. Next day I had no liquid intake at all and within 24 hours I saw a noticeable improvement.

      I intend to reduce my beer and water intake ,staying of course within safe limits, and hope the reduction will be permanent.

      Has anybody else had a similar experience?
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    2. bob

      bob Member

      I notice the caffeine makes a big difference for me. But now since it has turned colder here in Ohio seems like the chirping is louder. Don't drink beer or any kind od alcohol because I think it does mess with the tinnitus.
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    3. DanyMZ

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      Hi, I did noticed the same- the more I am drinking- the greater is the noise in the ears. I was wondering,Tony Phylactou, how did you progress in that regards since the post in 2011? Give some update, please?
    4. Richard zurowski

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      Ear infection.
      Well I'm surprised at that. Drinking very little water makes you dehydrated and will cause headaches and yes will make your tinnitus worse. Alcohol also causes dehydration as well. You can tell if you suffer from dehydration next time you take a pee if it's dark and yellow you are surely dehydrated. So its not a good thing to drink less water.
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    5. Drecul

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      Good that be because in a lot of countries the tap water is added with fluorite?
    6. Axel

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      In the long run it might not be a good idea to drink less fluid.
      What happens if you reduce your salt intake?
    7. dboy

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      Yeah, I definitely feel mine is worse when I get dehydrated, although that may just be stress levels going up a bit.
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