Referred to Head and Neck Surgeon, Why? What's It Got to Do with Ears?

Discussion in 'Support' started by ozm8ey, May 18, 2016.

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      A while back I went to the Doctor about my tinnitus and he gave me waxsol i went back again because it wasn't working but this time he refereed me to a hospital. Few months went by and today I got a letter from the Hospital saying: You have been referred to the private Head and Neck surg. Whats my ears got to do with surgery and head and neck? Doesn't make any sense and its from a different hospital then the one I was referred to.
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      Meniere's Disease
      Hi ozm8ey,
      Think tinnitus can be caused from head and neck problems amongst other things.
      Most hospitals do a routine MRI so may be that is what's happening.
      Don't worry .....lots of love glynis
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      Probably sound, though never proven
      Head & neck = Ear, nose and throat.

      Hope you get someone smart. Very few of us ever do.

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