Theory Open Regeneration of Synapses in the Cochlear Nucleus

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      Can someone please tell us how LLLT would be beneficial for regeneration of synapses? Regeneration means to give life something is already dead right? So does it mean that our neurons are not dead but just quit working properly amd this light will help them get in order? But how can we be sure if it will be temporary or permanently?
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      Beste, read this article. The two professors mentioned, Charles Liberman and Sharon Kujawa are working on learning more about these neurons you're talking about.

      Here is a quote I've taken out of the article stated by Charles M. Liberman ("it" refers to the disconnected neurons or in other words the spiral ganglion neurons that make up the bipolar efferent afferent nerve fibers of our auditory nerve) (Quote) - it will never reconnect," Liberman noted. "It no longer responds to sound, and, within a few months or years, the rest of the neuron will disappear." (End quote)

      This article was released close to 2 years ago, but still holds much information - Link:

      Connect the information of the top article to the recently posted document/article on the bottom and from there you can start to see connections between hidden hearing loss and tinnitus.

      Second link -
      Tinnitus is associated with reduced sound level tolerance in adolescents with normal audiograms and otoacoustic emissions:
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