Relative Whose Tinnitus Disappeared After Surgery

Discussion in 'Support' started by Caralyn, Mar 8, 2011.

    1. Caralyn

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      this is not my own success story, i don't yet categorise myself as success, but...

      my aunt had had loud tinnitus (in her own words) for 10+ years. the cause wasn't exactly known, it had started quick after a bungee jump. her physician doubted that jump could have been the cause, but you never know.

      6 months ago she had to have general surgery and of course some anesthetic was used,

      she woke up after the surgery and found that she no longer had ringing ears.

      she's been 6 months free of tinnitus.

      i don't know, but maybe the anesthetic had a play in this?

      or maybe just a random coincidence.

      she's happier now though than ever so i'm happy for her!
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    2. Clive

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      Hello Caralyn,
      Thank you for your posting. I am pleased you auntie is so much better. As I'm sure you know despite hundreds of trials and many many false leads there is no medical treatment that can guarantee removal of the tinnitus signal. (I must say straightaway but I'm not saying that nothing can be done!) What we have got is a complete management option that leads to habituation to tinnitus.
      Having said that there is one exception -it is known that an anaesthetic is usually given by dentists prior to dental work can lead to the temporary removal of the tinnitus signal. Of course this is not an option fortreatment as the injection needs to be given regularly. Maybe your auntie has a lingering effect of this treatment?
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      Yeah can't be sure but it could be the anesthetic as Clive too suggested..

      Lidocaine is at least one that often suppresses tinnitus temporarily. It's only a local anesthetic though.

      One Finnish doctor who specializes in tinnitus wrote her thesis on the subject and I remember (vaguely) that she found that lidocaine had a positive effect on tinnitus, even eliminating it completely, but only for a short while and since the risks of lidocaine are considerable it cannot be used as a treatment for tinnitus.

      Whatever the case, I'm happy your aunt has found relief. :)
    4. rogerg

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      This isn't the first time I hear something like this. It's likely contributed to the anesthesia. :rolleyes:
      never heard of permanent disappearance though...

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