Remembering an Old Poster on the RNID Forum

Discussion in 'Support' started by carlover, Dec 17, 2015.

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      Hi all just read Markku's lovely Christmass greeting and it reminded me of someone.

      On the old RNID forum was a fella who called himself Portsmouth..after his football team PortsmouthFC

      My heart used to go out to him , he had been completely deaf since birth but had loud Tinnitus.

      That means he can never ever get away from it EVER no background noise just the Tinnitus sound blasting

      I have just come back from my cafe the hustle and bustle in there meant I could not hear my T ,the pressure is allways there but I couldnt hear that horrible gutrenching jet engine.Now in front of the laptop with radio on I can hear it but not much.

      You know when your in a situation where you cant stand it any longer say lying in bed and it gets louder and louder,well I can do some masking ,Portsmouth cannot do anything,he has that noise every hour of his waking life and I do not now how he copes.

      Just rambling aloud and good luck to you Portsmouth wherever you are.
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    2. Cheza

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      Barking dogs/stress
      I cannot mask my tinnitus. It's in my head, not my ears. Trying to mask it is noise on top of noise. The only time it "disappears" when it's loud is in the shower. I think it has more to do with being in an enclosure in a small room, as listening to a recording of a shower does not have the same effect.

      Very kind of you to be thinking of Portsmouth. We can always find people worse off than we are, but that's a very small comfort when you dread waking up in the morning, and every day is a battle to maintain composure.
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      not being able to hear it in the shower is, literally, the definition of having it masked.

      I've noticed the same discrepancy between the sound of actual running water, and recordings -- but I think for me it has a lot more to do with the quality of the recording. Actual running water is a very complex, dense sound that's spread out very far across the entire frequency spectrum, including the very high frequencies where my tinnitus is. Replicating that frequency spectrum with a stereo is very difficult, as is getting a very accurate recording in the first place.
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      Same here. Shower oftentimes masks is, sometimes not. Today, another loud, shrill day. Listening to crickets on high volume. Very annoying. What a difference to yesterday where T was mild. Have no idea how someone can habituate to this. :cry:

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