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      Dear Tinnitus Talk Community,

      Over the years, we have seen our community grow. As we've attracted more members, it's only natural that we have increasing numbers of exchanges around differing opinions and experiences. This is part of what makes Tinnitus Talk a special place, but we also want to make sure these opinions are exchanged respectfully and that Tinnitus Talk remains a comfortable and supportive place for all members.

      With this in mind, the Tinnitus Talk staff want to remind all members of the Netiquette Policy that was outlined when Tinnitus Talk was founded. Going forward, the staff will be working harder to make sure that all posts on the forum are aligned with the forum Netiquette. We also ask that you, our members, help the staff by clicking the "report" button at the bottom of a post if it is in breach of the policy. There are a lot of posts, and we sometimes miss them if we don't have your help.

      If you ever have questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to any of us for help - we care. Thank you to all our members for helping to keep our forum supportive, respectful and open.

      The Tinnitus Talk Staff
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