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Discussion in 'Research News' started by TuxedoCat, Jun 25, 2019.

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      I saw this posted in another Facebook Group. If you live in Florida, USA and are within driving distance of Tampa, check this out....

      Dr. Carrie Secor, Doctor of Audiology, works with the Auditory and Speech Sciences Laboratory at USF. She wants to make us aware that they have several studies currently underway involving hearing loss and tinnitus.

      They are always looking for motivated volunteers and all volunteers are reimbursed for their time.

      If you are interested, call 813-974-4148. That is the main lab number and they can answer all questions.

      One current study is sponsored by the Department of Defense which is evaluating a tool for treatment of tinnitus for service members in the field, so the treatment is done through the use of apps on a smart phone. Participants do not have to be in the military to participate in the study.

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      Can you link to the studies on the .gov website?

      Thank you.
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      I learned from Dr. Secor last week that the University of South Florida has received approval to add new patients to the hyperacusis clinical trial. So, for anyone who meets the criteria, especially location in Florida, at present they are actively seeking to enroll additional hyperacusis patients.


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