RespireRx Pharmaceuticals Developing KRM-II-81 for Tinnitus

Discussion in 'Research News' started by InNeedOfHelp, May 16, 2022.

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      Another epilepsy/pain/depression drug which can potentially relieve tinnitus.

      RespireRx Pharmaceuticals highlights experimental data suggesting its GABAkine KRM-II-81 could be game-changing for tinnitus patients

      RespireRx Pharmaceuticals Inc has announced that members of the company’s scientific team have published a new article highlighting the potential of novel treatments, including the company’s own GABAkine KRM-II-81 for tinnitus, the perception of sound in the absence of external auditory stimulation.

      First author of the article and RespireRx research fellow Jeffrey Witkin said the experimental data on GABA suggested the possibility that GABAkines such as RespireRx’s KRM-II-81 could be game-changing for tinnitus patients.

      In the article “Can GABAkines Quiet the Noise? The GABAA Receptor Neurobiology and Pharmacology of Tinnitus” published in Biochemical Pharmacology, Witkin along with other RespireRx scientific team members Rok Cerne, James Cook, and Arnold Lippa and neurosurgeon with Ascension St. Vincent in Indianapolis Jodi Smith reviewed evidence that the loss of neural inhibition due to alterations in GABA neurotransmission may play a role in the etiology of tinnitus.

      The authors reviewed data sets which strongly supported the concept that the downregulation of GABA, the primary inhibitory neurotransmitter in the brain, and/or its receptors may act as a key regulatory for tinnitus, as supported by individual patient reports and clinical trials that reported improvements in tinnitus symptoms with the use of older generation positive allosteric modulators of GABA (GABAkines).

      “We wrote this review and commentary in Biochemical Pharmacology with the hope that it would infuse renewed energy into the search for new medicinal treatments,” Witkin said.

      “It is a blessing to see experimental compounds ultimately put to use in the alleviation of suffering.”​

      The article mentioned can be found here:

      Can GABAkines Quiet the Noise? The GABAA Receptor Neurobiology and Pharmacology of Tinnitus
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      This is a great find @InNeedOfHelp! I've read a similar article about a year ago on the pharmacological need for a drug that alters the function of GABAergic interneurons for the treatment of tinnitus. Perhaps RespireRX has the answer we are all looking for.

      Anyway, I hope RespireRx Pharmaceuticals has enough financial backing to conduct a (pre)clinical trial. Hopefully this will happen soon enough.
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      Always good to hear another company getting into this space. The more the merrier. They will all push each other in the race for a cure. The more that get involved and the more promising the treatments all start looking will only incentivize them all to work harder to get their solutions to market.
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      Given the way benzos can sometimes completely silence my noise, I believe it.
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      I understand that this is in the preclinical stage? If so, it will not be available in the medium term?
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      Talking abot a penny stock... The price of one share is 5.6 cents and their market cap is about 500k USD.
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      Is that good or bad? This really got my hopes up, but with stock being so cheap, does that mean this is a sham or is this normal for NEW companies even though I see this company was started in 1987 and has only 2 members?
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      This is welcome news. Thank you for sharing.
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      It means the company is basically worthless. What can they even do with 2 employees?
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      Yea I'd taken a quick look at the share price too. Doesn't seem it's ever traded. Not to say there can't be an explosion in price but obviously their product needs to be near market ready.

      Can't work out whether J. Witkin is talking about a new pipeline or repurposing an old one.

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