Reverb, Static, Headpain Following Stapedectomy

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by SebastianC, Mar 10, 2016.

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      Stapedectomy surgery
      Diagnosed with otosclerosis this past fall in both ears. Had stapedectomy done on worse ear (75%loss) 2months ago. Following surgery I had ringing in ear that stopped 3 weeks ago. I also had severe facial swelling,bright redness of skin, and headaches on the surgery side of my face. Swelling, redness,severe headache above eye came and went depending on amount of advil and steroids in my system. Had to keep ice on the back of my head and face every few hours for weeks. Surgeon never provided an answer as to why I was having such a reaction. These stopped 6 weeks post op. Following the removal of the packing I could hear very well immediately although many voices sounded robotic. Within three weeks post op I began to have severe reverberation and static in the surgery ear upon certain frequencies, background noises when accompanied by speech, talking on cell phone is impossible, my own voice even causes it about 80%of the time. I am not sleeping well at all which has never been an issue for me. I can even feel the vibration of cars passing by my house which sits a hundred feet off the road. Thunder creates horrible vibration. These noises cause head pain in the rear of my skull. On my 2 month post op apt (this Monday) he told me that noise doesn't cause pain. He RX valium saying he needs me to sleep so my body can heal. Also said I could have a loose clip that requires a second surgery in 3 months. I feel like he's not listening to me and certainly not giving any helpful suggestions. He told me to stop wearing headphones but they are the only way I can function in certain environments such as the car. Help please! I would rather not be able to hear than suffer with this reverberation, static, and vibration.
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      How are you doing now? I’m 3 week’s post stapedectomy. I didn’t have any complications with surgery, but it’s all sorts of changes with the sounds... I had the reverberations for about one week, still have static type noise which feels to be all over my head rather than ringing in one ear, hoping as it al, heals further, it’ll all calm down!
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      might be otosclerosis, made worse by auto accident
      Hello - so very sorry to read of the issues you are suffering. I have been diagnosed with otosclerosis, have not decide as to surgery as of this point, still a bit in shock I think.
      Perhaps you should get a second opinion. So many specialist with arrogant disrespectful bedside manners. Do a lot of self-research, sometimes when they think that you have some knowledge of, they listen more attentively. I wish you all the best for a positive outcome.

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