Reversible Tinnitus (My Ideas)

Discussion in 'Support' started by Mario martz, Jul 5, 2016.

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      Hey guys i have come across to many ideas since a few weeks ago.
      and i have read a bunch of threads in here and other sites.

      and while some people state that tinnitus might be curable or maybe not.
      some people like to think that is very complex condition and will never be understood.
      or that its a damage that can not be repair.

      this is is what i think...
      there are many cases of "spontaneous remission"
      i have seen 4 of them in this forum.
      there must be something that triggers and heals the nerves.

      when scientist pay attention to this.
      it would be easy to "mute" the sound.
      without the need of trobalt, ketamine injections, or other disasters.

      for me its obvious, it can be Reversible.
      no matter what caused it in the first place.
      problem is that we habituate, and forget to demand a cure.
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    2. The Red Viper

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      March 15, 2016
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      Current Theory: Neck injury (Tendonitis @ trap/SCM junction)
      Just curious as to any speculations you might have as to why some people spontaneously get cured?
    3. i.m

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      For me: Aspartame Poisoning. For Ent: L: TMJD / R: Dunno
      Every disease is reversible. I've always been of the opinion that pharmaceutical industries ( and other medical industries ) don't want to research something that can cure, at least, the majority of disease / condition in our bodies.

      T is not different: they teach us "it cannot be cured" first, then "it can be treated but still no cure" and so on, all leading to just one thing: buying hearing aids ( they are useful, however; I don't want to condemn their work for hearing loss ) and habituation. I hope, by the way, that one day some research will give us the real cure.

      I think the permanence of the T-signal is more under our psychological path rather our physical part ( obviously our neurons between the ear and the auditory cortex are working too much to trigger this signal ).

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