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    1. Wayno

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      Loud music... I think..
      Now then chaps. I'm Wayne. 39 from Manchester in the UK.
      I was diagnosed with the t in 2014 after a year of waiting for it to disappear.

      I'm currently on my 3rd set of hearing aids, these current ones having a white noise program that I can switch on and off to help me with the spikes.

      The very first pair worked so well that after 12 month of using them i started to forget to put them in, so much that i actuality lost them as i forgot where I had put them.

      Since having the second set early last year the audiologist just can't seem to get them dialed in and it's very frustrating.

      So here I am, looking for myself..

      My tinnitus is a high pitch tone, sits at around 2600hz and at the moment is as loud as the traffic....

      So that's me. Look forward to getting involved.
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      February, 2017
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      Acoustic Trauma
      Did your T gradually get worse over time, or has it always been that loud?
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