Ringing Made Louder By Noise

Discussion in 'Support' started by kiel, Mar 29, 2015.

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      Hi,I'm new here. I've Tinnitus for longer than I can remember, and it's more or less always been the same, alternating between loud ringing and a buzzing sound. No doctor was able to find the cause. :( Anyway, I recently had the worst cold of my life. It lasted over three weeks. My ears felt full and stuffy the entire time. At one point, I almost completely lost my hearing and felt extremely dizzy. Those sensations went away after a few minutes, but they've been replaced with something worse. Now, whenever I hear loud, shrill noises my Tinnitus gets louder! It'll die back back down when the noise does too. It's very strange. I 'm sorry for the wall of text, but has anyone here had anything like this happen to them? Will it go away? I'm going to an ENT this week, but I was hoping maybe someone hear knows a little about this.

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