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      Newbie here... and freaking out.

      42 years old :cry:

      My tinnitus is pulsating and started about a year ago very slightly. Very rarely also. Then late last year it started to increase but now in additional humming sound that comes and goes and intervals.

      And of course I went to press on the little painful spot on my neck and in three seconds my head went to pins and needles. Or shall I say my brain.

      So he got me googling carotid artery and stuff which led me to this website.

      Coincidently I did have an MRI maybe 10 years ago? Or less. I didn't see anything. Except the brain of course LOL. But that MRI was for headache reasons.

      I've done my share of sports, martial arts, playing in a loud band. Two concussions unconfirmed of having a possibly four.

      Hoping to read from some of you and your experiences and diagnostic and hopefully cures.

      Thank you
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      Meniere's Disease
      Welcome to Tinnitus Talk Rob.

      Sorry to hear your going through a tough time at the moment with your ears.
      Neck problems can cause tinnitus and if not already seen ENT I would get checked out and a few tests.
      A lady comes to our support group and has pulsitile tinnitus and put on a small betablocker and wears hearing aids as she has hearing loss but copes alot better now.
      You may have some hearing loss and picking your pulse up from your carotid artery.
      Try relax as anxiety can spike tinnitus and keep relaxing music on to help you.
      Love glynis
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