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      I believe it was meds and stress
      A newer sleep med. Its called a hypnotic. It isn't addictive. Its mild. Yet it can be part of a cocktail.
      I dumped it for trazadon, things seem better for now. It also works on your circadian clock, get you back on
      a reasonable schedule.
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      Hi @ruben ruiz: I took Rozerem for about four months. There is no generic, so it was a little expensive -- about $60 out of pocket a month, with insurance coverage. I was drawn to it because like you said, its not addictive.

      Rozerem basically is pharmaceutical-grade melatonin. My doctor eventually suggested that a good-sized hit (5 to 10 mg) of over the counter melatonin would do the same thing for a lot less and basically, that's been true for me. The secret to melatonin (and Rozerem) is you need to take it about 60 to 90 minutes before you want to sleep, not 30 minutes.

      Sadly, for me, neither Rozerem nor melatonin are a long-term solution. It works for, maybe, up to a month. Then it just stops being effective. If it works for you, that's great. As you said, it can be mixed with other medications.

      Also, a caveat: Although melatonin is sold as a supplement, its pretty potent and tinkering with your brain chemistry. A lot of doctors now warn against higher doses (such as what I take). It can give you headaches and super crazy dreams.

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