Safe volume to listen to music again?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Samsara, Jun 14, 2013.

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      Since I got Tinnitus earlier this year from a course of Antibiotics I have generally avoided listening to music to prevent any further damage to my ears. However I think things have finally stabilised so I want to go back to listening to my MP3 player again. However I seem to get conflicted advice about this issue. What is the highest volume I can listen to something without risk of damaging my ears? Are there special headphones that won't go over that particular volume? Also does it matter if they are in ear head phones or the type that completely cover the ear? How often should you clean them and what with? Thank you to anybody who can answer this!

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      Maybe loud music. Not sure.
      you must set the volume while in your home, not when you're in the street as you'll probably be pushing the sound a bit further.

      i came back countless times back to my home with my headphones on and really noticing the sound was a little too loud. i really never listened to my ipod very loud but maybe a little louder than necessary especially while in the street.

      i usually prefere in-ear phones because they block a fair amount of outside noise so you tend not to push to volume too high.
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      I agree with James White.

      I have used Westone's UM2 in-ear phones for years, and they are outstanding because they block so much external noise that I don't have to keep the volume loud at all when out and about. There are cheaper ones available from different manufacturers, too.

      Depending on the type and amount of your ear wax, the tips of the plugs can get dirty (the tips can be replaced of course).

      That's how I roll.

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