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      ? probably hearing loss.
      I'm on Effexor for anxiety and depression. My doctor told me that tinnitus is not listed as a side effect of Effexor. Doing my own search, it appears tinnitus is a side effect although not common. I've experienced a rise in tinnitus using both Zoloft and Effexor as the dosage increases. I know they are very similar in composition. I don't feel I have a choice about whether to be on an antidepressant right now. I need to be. I just want to know if the increase in tinnitus I'm experiencing on Effexor will go back down when I do come off the drug? Thank you.
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      As with Zoloft, Effexor is not known to cause auditory damage. Thus, any increase in tinnitus loudness (however uncommon) that is a pharmacological effect of the Effexor should be expected to settle back down within 10-14 days of discontinuing the drug. One thing to keep in the back of your mind is the fact that as you come off the Effexor, if the underlying cause of the depression for which you are taking the drug in the first place has not been effectively addressed, then you will typically be more depressed when you stop the drug. And depression itself can cause an increase in tinnitus loudness. So if you need the drug, by all means take it - but try to address the cause for your depression as well; otherwise you can wind up right back where you started.

      You are most welcome.

      Dr. Stephen Nagler

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