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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Ouiser Boudreaux, Jun 30, 2016.

    1. Ouiser Boudreaux

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      aspirin and a lot of stress...
      T and I go a long way... about 20 years now if I'm correct... for some reason I don't even remember I took a lot of aspirin (migraines...) without knowing, of course, that on the long run the little pills would mess with my hearing. Anyway, as most of you I guess, when it started I panicked, I was desperate and the prognoses that the damn T was most probably here to stay drove me crazy. I couldn't imagine having to live with that noise constantly piercing through my head. It started with one ear and took over both in no time... I ran from one "expert in white" to the next (the last one was also a T patient...) and the suggestion to insert me in this under-pressure tank was out of the question for me, even with other people, as I'm also claustrophobic :)

      I was told that flying would worsen the problem and was given nose drops to use before start and before landing... But eventually, like most of you here, luckily I learned to accept, that is my brain did it for me, and I could adjust to the noise and and live with it.

      Now, I find myself thrown back to the ages when the T started... my dr. put me on statins (only 5 mg daily) a couple of weeks ago and it drove the T to long forgotten heights... I took the pills only about 6 days but the damage is here, hopefully not to stay!! Maybe some of you went through the same experience and I'll start a thread on that - I look forward to read your stories. See you.
    2. Scott T

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      Ear wax removal?
      Hi there,
      I am a long time sufferer as well 8 years and recently had my ears cleaned out not my T is at heights I did not know it could go to or how I remember it being. Needless to say this week as been an atrocity for me. Hope yours improves
    3. Karel

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      acoustic trauma
      3 years here. Made a couple of really long phonecalls two weeks back and now my T is louder than I've ever had it. :( Let's hope all three of us are back to 'normal' in a few weeks' time!!

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