Scam? Paul Tobey's "Tinnitus Free Living Program"

Discussion in 'Alternative Treatments and Research' started by meeruf, Sep 20, 2013.

    1. meeruf

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      Found this page. This guys says its no cure, but how you can learn coping. He claim he have tinnitus himself, and are not bothered by it, at all. He says it has turned in to a gift.

      What you guys think?
    2. LadyDi

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      I think Paul Tobey won't tell you anything that you can't learn on this board (and probably learn from people who are better informed), and that you will be $47 poorer.

      In my early desperate T days, I paid $175 to a psychologist who said he "specialized" in tinnitus and anxiety. He said his secret trick was "four-square breathing" -- basically, the same diaphragmatic breathing that you can pick up off any meditation or anxiety web site. Learned my lesson. These opportunists know we are hurting and will try anything.
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    3. Scot Dutchy

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      Entirely agree. We are rich pickings for these scam artists. There is no cure for T.
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    4. Henrym

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      ENT said it was hearing loss
      Look at his site. He's not associated with ata and you can find his blog entries on may other sites all used to improve rankings on Google and sell product.
    5. SoulStation
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      Paul Toby does have a decent article he did for the ATA and is a legit person . He also makes his living more as a motivational speaker as far as I can tell. I dont think its a scam as much as a business move on his part. That's what motivational speakers do, sell books! Lol. I wouldn't buy it either way.
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    6. Kevin25

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      I don't think Paul Tobey is a scam, he talks sense and he doesn't say he can cure tinnitus but relieve it.
    7. Danny Boy

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      Ear infection
      I personally wouldn't waste money on it, as it looks like a scam site, from the way it's enticing customers. Don't care who it's from, the way I'm looking at it, is the way a scam site would lay it out.
    8. Paul Tobey

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      Jan 6, 2002
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      Over the counter medicine. Contact C.
      Thank you for all comments, even those that are uninformed because it gives me the chance to inform. Since contacting tinnitus on Jan 6, 2002 after taking the cold medicine "Contact C" I have pretty much dedicated my life to helping others. Why? Because while I was a pretty successful jazz musician (8 albums, 15 countries, Juno nomination) tinnitus knocked me off my feet and my wife and I lost everything; house, car, money.... I believe it's because I didn't really know what "helping others meant."

      Since tinnitus I've learned that if you help enough people get what they want, you can have anything you want. I now run a successful training company and digital marketing agency from our offices in Toronto, Canada. I have trained well over 50,000 people online and offline in the past 10 years and my life is about as good as it gets... even though I still have tinnitus.

      Anyone who calls any of my programs, books, training courses, consulting, marketing agency implementations or "tinnitus free living program" a "scam" simply doesn't have all the facts.

      Ask the mother who called me one day and said, "my son committed suicide last night because of his tinnitus but I believe he lived an extra year thanks to your program and i just wanted to say thank you." The way I look at this thread is this: If you can't take criticism, say nothing, do nothing and be nothing.
    9. gotyoubynuts

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      Of course you have, you have ripped off us tinnitus sufferers and made a boatload of wealth for yourself. You probably don't even have tinnitus, you just sensed a good business opportunity.
    10. Paul Tobey

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      Over the counter medicine. Contact C.
      I do sense good business opportunities thank you for pointing that out.

      However, you should be aware that my Tinnitus program has earned me a whopping gross revenue of approximately $40,000 over the past 7 years. Not exactly a "boatload of wealth" as you put it. I do it to help, and I expect people who do it to invest in themselves just as I have done, in order to take it seriously.

      My business sense, as you put it, was earned through consistently investing 3% of next year's targeted revenue in learning programs, seminars, training programs, conferences and mentors, that have helped me build a successful digital marketing and training company Training Business Pros. Perhaps instead of "judging" my "ripping off others" behaviour, you might take a moment and look a little closer at your own "results" and ask yourself this question, "do my results accurately reflect the amount of investment I've made in myself over the years?" My guess is yes.
    11. Penate

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      Ok Paul lesson learnt from this.

      I'm a good musician too, music makes my life and my family lives very good, house, new cars every year, and more.

      Last year after acoustic trauma I got this horrendous, evil, diabolic condition, 2 jet engines in my ears and power transformer in my head and hyperacusis.

      I lost everything, I tried to kill myself.

      After a year nothing gets better so please if you really want to help someone desperate send me a sample of your tinnitus program for free.

      If it really works I'm going to post on this forum and I help you sell more.
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    12. Ears Hurt

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      Whiplash or Buzzer (abuse from ex)
      Queue the Crickets... Pun Intended. We are a tough crowd.
    13. He lived an extra year. What a load of rubbish. That surely proves that your program does not work. Otherwise he would still be alive.

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