Scared because I suddenly lose my hearing and get tinnitus

Discussion in 'Support' started by MisterMystery, May 29, 2014.

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      I have had tinnitus in my left ear since February 2014. I don't know what caused it. I had been really depressed, and still am really depressed, about certain things, like being in my thirties and living with my parents. But I had been depressed for years, so that was nothing new. The only thing I did differently was take baby aspirin for several days, but my ENT said the dosage was low, and she didn't know what caused the tinnitus. My audiogram showed some hearing loss in both ears, but the ENT said I scored 100% on a certain part of the hearing test. She also noted that the hearing loss was about equal in both ears, so she ruled out "things like acoustic neuroma and Meniere's."

      That was in February and March 2014. My tinnitus in my left ear is still present, but I've gotten used to it, and now it just sounds like a lone cicada quietly chirping. But in the last few weeks, I have had episodes where I suddenly lose my hearing in one ear, then hear a fairly loud ringing sound (not the chirping) for about 5-10 seconds. The hearing seems to come back when the ringing stops. I have had these episodes about once every three days for the last month or so. Until last week, the sudden hearing loss and tinnitus was in my right ear, but now it's in my left ear.

      I'm really worried that I have otosclerosis or some other disorder. I lost my (low-paying) job in April 2014 and have $1,500 in medical bills. Today, I have to spend $1,200 to repair my car. So I'm really nervous about making another appointment with an ENT. I was hoping someone could tell me I have nothing to worry about! Thank you in advance for any insight or advice.
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      Actually, I get that a lot, especially when my tinnitus has been aggravated by meds or noise, and I have no measurable hearing loss in either ear. I think it might be related more to the brain or blood flow rather than hearing. It's pretty common with people that have T, even for people that don't have hearing loss.
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      Don't worry - it's called fleeting T (tinnitus). Everyone, with it without T, get it. I get a little panicked when I hear it, but it is nothing to be concerned about.

      Sounds like you are coping fairly well with your T. If that is your only concern I would not spend money on another ENT appointment. Keep doing what you are doing :)
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      As citigirl said, this happens to everyone whether there is tinnitus or hearing loss or not. It can come and go in spells and is normal.
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      Acoustic trauma, Stress, Nose hit
      Yup, had it before my T and H, and also after. Only before we would joke that if it isin right ear it means that you'll hear a good news, and left ear means bad news. And today I also panic a bit but ignore it until passes. If it's in a right ear I think, aha, good news it is :D
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      progressive tinnitus, time of expiring in next 3-6 months
      My gamma used to say it, and my aunt too, guest who is peaking about you and it will vanish.

      Now when i have t, and when it add new tone i get traumatically scared. They say PTSD causes trauma. I think Tinnitus causes trauma. I used trobalt and I did not had strong t for 3 months and i was much much better and then I was traumatized what will happen if it comes back... to the end when one is just being scared when it will get worse...

      I have reason for it, I got t that was milder, but then got worse 250% and then i hardly survived, trobalt helped some months and now last 3 it lost effect now i got neurological pain all over body but not in head. I sleep worse. My went up. When i wake up i am crushed. I notice significant hearing loss on higher frequencies last 20 days on left ear. What can i do?

      tinnius is serious medical condition that takes more and more life's. it has more victims, all... but somehow remedies, trt specialist, sellers of hearing aids are fighting to undermine any real attempt of and out friend will go to Switzerland and notice price got to be around 50 000 euro.

      Autifony tests did not show significant improvement. All I can do is pray. I can not collect 50 000 euro to have Swiss surgery.

      So normal is that any kind of

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