Scraping Two Broken Shards of Smooth Ceramic Tiles Worked for My Tinnitus

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by ScottyM85, Sep 17, 2021.

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    1. ScottyM85

      ScottyM85 Member

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      I don't know
      Hello. I've had tinnitus ringing in my ears for as long as I can remember. I've searched for cures or helps for tinnitus online and have found nothing that helped.

      I prayed to God last night and this morning God gave me a solution that worked better than anything never has! God gave me an idea like a "flash of genius" that I never would have thought of myself, so I give Him the glory!

      What the idea was is this: Since tinnitus is something in the nerves that signals travel along from the ears to the brain, then something's wrong in those nerve pathways. So the idea came to me this morning to shock it out of me with something that must affect those nerve pathways! With a particular sound! The thought came to distract those nerves with something else annoying! Nails on a chalkboard! I've heard many people over the years joke about how annoying that sound is, and I totally agree! It sends shivers up my spine and makes me cringe and gives me goosebumps! That annoying sound must be reaching way down into the nerves, far deeper than any part of the ear!

      I have no chalkboard, so I tried something similar! I have two broken shards of a smooth ceramic tile that I held up close to my ear and scraped together simulating that nails on a chalkboard sound as close as possible! Oh my goodness! It worked! Not completely but drastically better than anything I've ever tried before! Not a cure but sort of like taking a Tylenol for a headache, it seemed to lessen it a lot! Maybe only until it flares up again? And then like taking another Tylenol when a headache comes back, I can with this annoying sound shock it out of my nerve pathways again?

      I think it will help anyone who tries it. It seemed to pierce my eardrum, warming it and dulling or lessening the ringing sound and lessening the annoyance of it! It seemed to annoy and distract those same nerve pathways that ring with a different, more annoying sound! You can't scare away the hiccups but this technique worked!

      I honestly think it will work for everyone and I can't keep it to myself... I must share it! I'm convinced that that sound is universally annoying to everyone like "brain freeze" it gets to the nerves, which is where tinnitus occurs! I hope everyone of you who are looking for a cure will try this and find relief! If you can endure a few seconds of that annoying sound, listening to it closely, you won't regret it! I hope this helps everyone!
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    2. Ehren M

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      acoustic trauma
      That's awesome! Thanks for sharing! Let us know here if you keep doing it and seeing improvements :)

      Best of luck.
    3. Brian Newman

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      Shooting/loud noise
      I’m glad it works for you. So it calms your tinnitus down? Or masks it?

      And be careful, you can give yourself hyperacusis from those noises. And that is something you don’t want, believe me.
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    4. Toney

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      I tested your theory out today. I had a somewhat random spike, probably mediated by taking in too much salt. It calmed down after a brisk walk and a couple hours time.

      Anyway, I took out an online tone generator and played it at 6 kHz, about the tone of my tinnitus. My ears kind of hurt after now but my tinnitus has decreased considerably. It used to become apparent enough that the silence amplified the tinnitus when there was no AC in the background. Now that's not happening and the volume is lower. I can't speak to its durability yet, but wow! Talk about at an at-home remedy. I don't think my ears are nearly as bad as many others here, I've only had tinnitus for 2 months as of today. Let's hope this doesn't hurt anything!
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