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May 20, 2023
Apr 3, 2023
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There we go! Decided for an AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator) to protect my PC since I live in a place with outages. Glad the wait is over. May 9, 2023

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May 20, 2023
    1. TindalosKeeper
      There we go! Decided for an AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator) to protect my PC since I live in a place with outages. Glad the wait is over.
    2. TindalosKeeper
      Seems like my PC is fully functional now, after 3 days of testing! I guess it's time for a new surge protector and call it a day!
    3. TindalosKeeper
      Now I'll test my PC and check if it wasn't a fluke. Fingers crossed!
      1. brixenbrixen and Hardwell like this.
    4. TindalosKeeper
      Apparently, PC was causing issues because of a faulty surge protector. I had it for several years, didn't know they can get messed up.
    5. TindalosKeeper
      Great! Just what I needed... PC died today and gotta send it to troubleshoot it... Nice start for a Saturday... Ugh...
    6. TindalosKeeper
      How do you guys cope with your Tinnitus or your Hearing Loss? What do you do for entertainment, just to forget we have one or both?
      1. Damocles
        Lesbian pornography - until the PIED kicks in; then lots of Pokémon (the game or the porn).
        Apr 26, 2023
        tpj and Sammy0225 like this.
    7. TindalosKeeper
      Has anybody with Hearing Loss has had their Tinnitus fade away? Maybe some of my hearing would recover if my Tinnitus wasn't so loud.
      1. TindalosKeeper
        Seeing no responses here break my heart. But it's to be expected. There's no solutions or partial treatments yet :(
        Apr 26, 2023
      2. Damocles
        Yeah it often fades away (altogether or to nothing) for a lot of people in the first year (sometimes beyond that).

        You've got a good chance.
        Apr 26, 2023
        SarahMLFlemmer and tpj like this.
      3. Merlin L
        Merlin L
        I've seen a couple of stories where someone's mom or dad had suffered a hearing loss and eventually their tinnitus faded away :)
        Apr 26, 2023
        tpj and Damocles like this.
    8. TindalosKeeper
      This may sound harsh, but a cure for HL or T would be made much faster if both were epidemic.
      1. Ryan Scott, yeezysqueezy and tpj like this.
      2. yeezysqueezy
        I always imagine what it would be like if the same amount of money that was thrown at covid vaccines was thrown at T/H/hearing loss
        Apr 21, 2023
        TindalosKeeper likes this.
      3. Ryan Scott
        Ryan Scott
        You think it would get more funding considering the US army spends $3 billion on tinnitus disability annually lol.
        Apr 24, 2023
    9. TindalosKeeper
      Any relief for ear fullness that you guys might have tried? Could use a hand with that for some recovery progress, even if it's 1%.
      1. TindalosKeeper
        My dream would be to see this post have at least 10 different approaches to how to treat Ear Fullness and Tinnitus, with the rare cure sprinkled over, lol.
        Apr 20, 2023
      2. SarahMLFlemmer
        Cyclobenzaprine worked for me.
        May 31, 2023 at 4:36 AM
    10. TindalosKeeper
      This Webpage makes me so goddamn sad. People here getting old waiting for a solution... This is not fair, and now I'm here waiting too...
      1. gameover and tpj like this.
      2. AnthonyMcDonald
        Susan Shore
        Apr 9, 2023
      3. TindalosKeeper
        Apr 9, 2023
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