Seven Years of Tinnitus and Acoustic Neuroma — Ear Developed a Flutter After Microsuction

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by ClevedonGinger, Oct 15, 2022.

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      Acoustic Neuroma
      After having my right ear acoustic neuroma diagnosed 7 years ago, this year I had Gamma Knife treatment as the tumour had grown and outstayed its welcome. As a result, my high-pitched tinnitus has become heightened and I have imbalance/vertigo - known side effects of the surgery. This has become somewhat debilitating to say the least. That’s my backstory.

      So I come to my question;

      My left ear, after having microsuction to remove earwax a couple of months ago, has developed a flutter. Funnily only when such strange things as when I tap my knees and have the car window down a bit (not at the same time I’ll add) or burp! The noise is not permanent; only when vibration is in the equation. What with my other chronic tinnitus I’m hoping this new flutter will not join them.

      Any insight from fellow sufferers would be most appreciated.
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      Hey, just wanted to see how you have been doing lately? Has any of the symptoms lessened?

      I had Gamma Knife 2 years ago and only had tinnitus up until a few days ago when I gradually felt burning pain at the acoustic neuroma site. I also gradually feel my balance starting to sleep and the wokiness people talk about.
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