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    1. dalepa

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      Houston, Texas
      Several years ago I started hearing a low frequency noise, like a remote diesel engine and also high frequency sound. The engine hum was much worse at the time, so bad that it was effecting my sleep even with ear plugs in. No one else could hear the sound, so I just thought it was another form of tenitus.

      I finally was able to use my phone app to detect a 37hz signal, and I'm pretty sure now it's from the oil field drilling about 4 miles away.

      For the last year, the low frequency has subsided, however the high frequency sound at about 7900hz is louder than ever. I can use a tone generator at 7900hz to drown it out, but that's no solution...

      I can effect the high frequency very slightly by biting down hard which cause a small increase in frequency.

      Like others, if I ignore it I forget about it, but lately it seems to be getting worse.

      I'm here, looking for a cure.
    2. Valentin

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      unfortunately, there's no cure at the moment but there are clinical trials.

      it appears you live in the states, maybe you could enroll in VNS study ?

      one of the locations is in texas.
    3. dan

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      come back in 2 years, there might be a cure then.
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    4. Piper the great

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      I hate to say it but it is always "5 years away"...:).... no matter how many years pass. the target date seems to be endless..not trying to be a downer.... just always seems to be right around the corner.. by then we should habituate.. I know I still have it but am starting to forget about it on a limited basis, but I don't feel as bad as I did in the beginning....
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    5. dan

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      No Piper, this time its different. Before, they were just saying arbitrary numbers without any basis on current trials, just basing it on advancing technology.
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    6. gary

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      Who Knows
      Dalepa welcome to our site. You have come to the right place, when there is a cure, this site will be one of the places that will know. In the mean time browse around and see what the rest of us are doing, some are trying different meds, some like me use a masker to get by, run fans at night etc. You will see what others are doing as you browse....
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    7. Ken219
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      Summer of 1990
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      Noise exposure?
      The five year plan(s) are good. Most Executives' contracts are five years then Executive pay for lifetime, etc. Here in America people usually forget in 3 threes what the 5 year plan was. Quantitatively get paid up front forecast to the future. They seldom remember your forecast.
      On subject. I have T for 24 years. I've had a couple of relapses. Don't know how or why but I manage to habituate. I found my first defense is to get assists like sleep medications and anti-whatevers. It takes a while, not overnight, but I eventually adjust to where I say is ain't bad I can live with it. Then I do not think about it. I know it is there, but it becomes part of me. It is hard to explain unless one lives it. Currently waiting out another bad episode:(. There is no how did it come back? I wish I knew. I wouldn't do it again. To all god bless.

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