Sharing Blood Test Results - Opinions?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Cassidy, May 16, 2014.

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      What do you guys think about creating a thread to share blood test results (especially hormonal ones such as cortisol, maybe adrenaline, thyroid, I'm not sure what others would be applicable yet). I was hoping that we would be able to make up a list of blood test results and try to get people with recent onset tinnitus to check and post their blood test results. Of course not everyone would want to do this which is of course fine but the point of this would be to try and see whether there are any hormones or blood tests which are out-of-range for a lot of us. For example I remember when my tinnitus first started my cortisol and prolactin levels were completely off the charts - the doctors thought I had a tumor. Of course it would also be important to make sure to do it as soon as possible after tinnitus starts or there is a major spike. My cortisol and prolactin levels are now back within normal range but my dance with tinnitus continues. What do you guys think - could this be something doable or is it too much hassle?
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      I think it could be interesting, if enough people were willing to share their blood test results. I've had severe tinnitus for four years now, but I remember that when it started, my cortisol level was high. It would be interesting to see if others had similar results.

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