Should I Have a Scan?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Penelope33, May 27, 2014.

    1. Penelope33

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      So I haven't had a scan since I got tinnitus. Is it worth further investigations via scan? What other investigation can be done, aside from hearing test and tymp which I've had?
      If mine was caused by massive high blood pressure for instance (through self pleasure) why does the t stick about? I wonder what changes were made to my hearing system to cause the t....???!
    2. Asian

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      Get it done even if you don't need it I think. Even though you may not catch anything, atleast you will have not left any stone unturned. And who knows if any treatable cause will be found in your case and that will give you a chance to live a T free life! Either way, you have nothing to lose

      Speak with your ENT and audiologist and tell them about your concerns and some detailed investigations they can suggest

      My best to you
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    3. LadyDi

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      Hey @Penelope33: A MRI or CT scan usually is part of the diagnostic process with the initial onset of tinnitus. The scan checks for physical abnormalities, like tumors or lesions, that might be leading to your tinnitus. I am surprised your ENT didn't order it, along with the hearing and tymp tests.

      Most tinnitus is not caused by physical abnormalities but you want to make sure -- especially since these are things that perhaps could be fixed through surgery.

      Since you already have had the hearing and tymphanic tests, the only other one besides the brain/auditory systems scan I can think of is a VGN, or Videonystagmography, test. It is looking for balance irregularities, dizziness, symptoms associated with Meniere's disease or vestibular problems. I had both a CT and a VGN, as well as the hearing and tymp tests. All of them came back "normal" (well, the VGN test showed my nervous system was hardwired toward vestibular issues, but I have known that for years. Chronic motion sickness, etc).

      In the end, all the tests in the world may never show exactly how you got your tinnitus. Many patients never know.
      This is just my opinion: But I think at some point, it is helpful to move on from focusing on what caused your T (as long as you have had all the suggested tests to rule out likely causes) to learning how to best manage it.
      Hope this helps and good luck.
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    4. Kathi

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      HFHL and stress
      Penelope, an MRI or Cat is usually protocol in the US-especially if you have unilateral tinnitus. Get the scan done but check with your insurance company first. Mine was over $5k but I didn't have to pay anything. It gives you peace of mind to know that you don't have a serious illness and will help you with your reaction to your tinnitus if you are feeling more positive. :)
    5. citigirl13

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      I would advise you to get it done -the doctors might find something about the cause of your T. Better safe than sorry.
    6. James
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      Don't get depressed if the scans shows nothing. I mean if there is any possible problem please get a scan. Nobody wants to live with Tinnitus,,,,the rest of your life. Bad day for me. I hate it,,,,,I hate it,,,wish I could back in life, I hate it now. I'd like to think my life wouldn't change because of T, I think it already has. Everyday it has its effect on me.
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    7. Stina

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      I think you can get a scan just in case. But unfortunately in most cases the search for the cause of tinnitus is in vain and as there is no good treatment for it, eventually it cant be treated. So the only thing is letting go from the things that hold you back from habituating.
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    8. ashley

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      This actually makes me upset that my neurologist did not give me a script for a MRI (I'm in the US).

      My tinnitus is unilateral. I believe just better safe than sorry, if you have coverage. Like everyone else said, you will have covered all your ground and you may get some valuable information!
    9. Mark Griffin

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      Getting an MRI in the UK is like finding a sack of gold dust under your pillow. It just doesn't happen. I'm off to the ENT on Monday but pretty much know nothing will be done. I can't afford private health care

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