Should I Have Expected a Spike?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Mario martz, Jun 11, 2016.

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      Hey guys,
      well these past days my tinnitus has been "great"
      thats means = almost had to cover my ears to listen for it.
      just a few "spikes" while waking up and going to sleep.
      its been amazing these past days, i almost believe it might be going away... i went to the mall to have lunch with friends, it was someway a littleee loud 83 db, so i wore my ear foam plugs.
      we left the food court and i went to pay my phone, while i was there i took my ear plugs off, because it was super quiet, just when i was comfortable again...
      an alarm started to ring... for a few seconds and i didnt know what to do you, i covered my ears and walked to the exit door, but at first i was shocked (cause it wasnt super loud, but still it was an alarm) so i stood there for a few seconds before leaving...

      i didnt notice an increse or anything while i was there. just got home and i feel like a spike...
      its louder and the pitch is a little more strong.
      Just when i was used to almost "no tinnitus"...
      a few seconds of this could damage more what ive already achieved?

      on my way home, i also heard an ambulance for a few seconds too
      :( damn noisy world
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      I think you will be fine! I'm glad you got to hang out with friends! Sometimes when I go to mall and it's a little loud I get a little spike but it does go down within a day or two! I've actually gotten used to the spikes and then it will head back down to baseline. Maybe don't wear ear plugs while going to the mall so your ears get used to sound and all that. I only wear ear plugs at church other than that just everyday noise I listen to! You should be fine :D
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    3. Bertman
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      You're going to be just fine.
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    4. Engineer

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      Most likely acoustic hearing loss
      Zero chance that you did any hearing damage or had any affect on your T. Relax, breathe, relax again. You are fine and it sounds like you are doing a fantastic job of living with your T and habituating with it.
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    5. Dana

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      not known, too many possible causes
      A short while ago I was taken with the ambulance to the hospital. On the way there, they turned on the siren. It is very loud on the inside too, of course.
      Although I begged them to turn it off, telling them about my tinnitus problem, the wouldn'T. The siren was not necessary, not at all, I was not (such) an emergency, they did not do it for me, but for themselves! Those assholes ambulance drivers often turn on the sirens on unnecessarily, for their own comfort, just to have an easier drive to the hospital, clearing the traffic in front of them with the unnecessary siren.
      So I had to endure 20 minutes or more of siren from the inside of the ambulance, without earplugs.
      Imagine the consequences!
      After a while my T return to the baseline, so have no doubt, @Mario martz, that yours will too.
      Your complete healing is still within reach, sounds like you are on your way there, but for a while learn to plug your ears immediately after a sudden loud noise.
      Learn not to freeze and instead get into the habbit of cover8ng your years as soon that you hear a sound that has a volume that bothers you (not the mall type of noise, but sounds like sirens/alarms, which are a totally different story)
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      @Dana What a story! Sorry you had to endure that!!! Angry on your behalf, too!:mad:

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