Should I Take Doxycycline for Lyme Disease? Can It Worsen Tinnitus or Hearing Loss?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Hannes Alm, Apr 15, 2019.

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      So I've been afflicted with Lyme disease for 2 years. I treated it with Doxycycline in the beginning and the symptoms went away. I didn't experience noticeable tinnitus or hearing loss back then. Now the Lyme is back, after I did a checkup when they discovered borreliosis.

      I have also suffered from hearing loss in my right ear this year, most likely because of loud noise. However there is a risk that the Lyme disease is causing my tinnitus and hearing loss as well, since I do have other weird symptoms such as random intense joint pain. I have read that there are clear connections between Lyme and hearing related disorders.

      ON THE OTHER HAND I read on the forum that Doxycycline have worsen people's tinnitus and even hearing. Despite that it isn't listed as an ototoxic drug...

      My question. Should I take Doxycycline for a couple of weeks, 200mg / day and TREAT the Lyme OR try herbs instead and don't risk any ototoxicity... It's very hard for me to decide... :cautious:
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      Many may disagree but treating your Lyme disease should be a priority and you have taken it before with success.

      So sorry you are dealing with this condition.
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      I have Lyme too.

      Antibiotics aren't helpful in people with chronic Lyme.

      A few weeks worth of Doxycycline only isn't going to touch the sides even if you do.

      The bacteria has more than one life form. My Lyme doctor had me on grapefruit seed extract in addition to Doxycycline for the cyst form. Don't believe it worked anyway. Still ill.

      Consider other treatments i.e. Buhner... Rawls... Zhang...?

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