Should I Trust My ENT?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Kitty K, Mar 8, 2016.

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      Howdy! It's me again.

      It has been roughly 5 weeks since my T and headaches started. We had already gone to a doctor, she noticed redness in my nose and said sinus swelling was to blame. I took some spray and used a neti rinse for many weeks, with ears popping after blowing my nose, but not much improvement.

      My T has gone from a note-tone to a mix of tv static and a rainstick, with occasional high hissing. Sometimes it feels like this hissing is coming from the inside out, trying to escape. Not feeling much better, with headaches, vertigo, and ear pressure and continued ringing. So we went to an ENT.

      My hearing test was perfect, even in very high frequencies, and having not been exposed to any loud clubs or concerts lately the audiologist doesn't think it will stay. Cochlear emissions and ear pressure all normal, no fluid. Then, the ENT came in. He wrote down my symptoms, asking lots of questions and being very considerate, and came to the conclusion it's a form of migraine flairup that's reawakened my chronic migraine symptoms I struggle with. (This kind of migraine is called a vestibular migraine, this would explain the recent headaches, dizziness, nausea, tunnel vision, feeling of ear fullness and even the T, along with the sudden resurgence of car and air sickness I long outgrew)

      This flairup is likely from allergies or an earlier sinus infection this month, also the fact that things have gotten green here and allergies run in the family. He says it's very likely this has caused my inner cochlea to swell, putting pressure on the auditory nerve, which is making it unhappy and producing discomfort, t, etc. He has prescribed me safe anti-inflammatories and another thing to help the migraines. (not ototoxic)

      Again, I am only 15. I do not listen to music very loud, much less so than people I see in the halls or my friends. My phone also has a high-volume hearing damage warning zone, which I NEVER enter. And, seeing how there is no hearing loss present, no doctor thinks I am to blame. I suppose I am just anxious as I do struggle with anxiety and this is not helping. I also had a friend who suffered similar T after a bought of sinus infection, which went away.

      Should I trust my ENT?
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      damn virus
      I think its very good aproach the one youre ENT did .

      how bad is your dizziness ?
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      Fairly bad. It comes and goes, but there's been points in pretty much every day where I almost feel like I'll pass out. ENT didn't suspect Meniere's with my symptoms and the visible lack of accumulated fluid.
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      Unclear. Inflammatory allergic reaction/AIED
      It sounds to me like you have been fortunate enough to find a good ENT, with a carefully considered and measured approach. Of course, they can never be sure how things will pan-out, but it doesn't sound detrimental.

      The first eNT I saw thought a quiet radio (despite being able to hear it over almost every sound I encountered, it was so loud), some ototoxic antidepressants and being told this is it, good luck, was the best approach for me. To be honest, if he had one available I wouldn't have been surprised if he had set an air horn off right next to my head, just for good measure.

      I wish you all the best with your healing.

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