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      Hi. First off, I am a 19 year old male in the UK (if that makes any difference to anything).

      A few months ago (around March 2015) I went to get my ears syringed at the doctors because they were blocked with wax. Afterwards I felt refreshed, as good as new. Fast forward a couple of weeks, I can't remember exactly how and when, but my right ear seemed to feel blocked again, so I contacted the doctor again and they referee me to ENT. The initial appointment was a waste of time for everyone in my opinion, called me into the hospital to say that I was going to have and other appointment to get my ears tested. A couple of weeks pass until this appointment takes place. They test for whatever they test for, pressure and the sound one with the button you have to press. The doctor said to me that they have no abnormal results and "Your hearing is the best it should ever be!". They then asked if I had any thing that they could help me with again and I explained again and they returned by basically saying that they were the ENT people and they have had a look and found nothing. Going forward to now, a ringing that does vary in volume (could be due to the absense of noise in the room) has developed and it feels as the blockage or whatever it was from before has gone.

      I can not help to blame myself for using headphones constantly for the past few months for listening to music and gaming. I use a set of semi-closed headphones if that makes a difference. I try no to listen to anything too loud because I know the damage that they could do if I did listen to anything too loudly. I do not go to concerts that often. The last concert I remember going to was a Paramore in 2010 and if I could even class the ones that are healed in the town that are open air, then that would be 2013 or even 2012 (I honestly can't remember but it wasn't within the past 2 years, I know that for certain).

      Now, since the ringing has started in my right I have contacted my doctor's surgery for an appointment, the best they could do is 2 week (28th) but I will be contacting them as early as I can tomorrow for a same day appointment.

      There is one thing for certain that worries me is that I am scared that I won't be able to enjoy music anymore and also if I could ever game with headphones on again because I really enjoy to play with headphones on for the in game advantage. (CSGO is my preferred game of choice). I also stopped using headphones as soon as I noticed it. I have not listened to music until writing this post (on speakers that are a good distance away) because I am scared that I am only going to cause more damage than good. I have also stopped gaming as well and I haven't touched my PC in 2 whole days which is unlike me since I am studying IT and have a strong interest in them. Already my Mum recommended methanol treatment or something. Basically I got some of this Vicks stuff and put it in boiling water. Its meant to unblock airways or something I was told but it never really helped.

      Overall I think I am coping well even with my anxieties I am keeping as cool as I can and I am always staying hopeful! :)

      If there is anything that you would recommend that I do please do share below since this is a first to me. Sorry that I have written a lot but I felt that all that was said was relivent to the issue I was having.

      Thanks for reading. Please do leave feedback.

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      not sure
      Welcome to TT. The above quote near the end of your post is really the secret of it all to help habituation. This is because when T is new the brain thinks that it is a mortal threat because we reacted so traumatically and negatively to this ringing sound. By being positive, hopeful and calm, and especially by living your life as normal, you basically signal to the brain by your action that T is something you can live with and that it is not a threat to your survival. This will help the brain to focus on something else important to your life and those can help to distract the brain from monitoring T all the time. Soon the brain will have moments where it fades T out of consciousness when you are busy. This will give you confidence that you can get better over time.

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