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Discussion in 'Dr. Stephen Nagler (MD)' started by Blueberry, Dec 13, 2014.

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    1. Blueberry

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      Acoustic trauma
      Thank you so much Dr Nagler for your answer. I'm sorry I wasn't able to thank you before, it took me time to understand that in the doctor's corner all the threads are built on the model "one question, one answer", and I've also for a long time hesitated to create another thread regarding my problem…

      Your story is beautiful and inspiring. I wish I could find a tinnitus specialist who could cure me… like everyone on this forum, I suppose !

      You said that you've treated opera singers. I'm sorry, but I'm very curious about them… Did they habituate well ? Did they resume singing ? Do they sing with earplugs, although it's so uncomfortable ? How do they deal with the fear that singing could make their tinnitus worse ? (Of course I would understand if you don't want to answer to these questions : I'm aware that they are related to feelings that belong to the private sphere)

      And I've got one another question… is there a limit for the loudness of tinnitus ? I mean, can tinnitus be so loud that it masks external sounds and we've got hearing problems, even if we don't have any hearing loss ?

      Thanks to you and to your letter to a tinnitus sufferer, I'm more and more convinced that habituation is possible (with help) and that I should no wait for a cure to enjoy life - and, perhaps, in my case, to resume singing. But what if my tinnitus becomes so loud, that I can no more hear anything, even with hearing aids ?… music is a so huge part of my life…

      Thank you again, for taking time to read and help us. You give us hope, and I'm sure that it's the first step to happiness with tinnitus !

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    2. Dr. Nagler

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      If a "tinnitus specialist" says he or she can cure you, I suggest you run ... in the opposite direction.

      I have treated professional singers and musicians of all sorts. I honestly cannot recall if I have specifically treated opera singers. If I led you to believe otherwise, I apologize. Most of the singers I have treated did very well. A couple did not. Just like teachers, accountants, salesmen, engineers, etc.

      All but a couple, I believe.

      Some use musicians' plugs. Some use in-ear monitors. Some use nothing. It depends on the level of noise exposure in terms of potential auditory damage.

      They (again, all but one or two) no longer have that fear.

      Tinnitus does not affect hearing. It might affect your ability to concentrate on what you hear, but it does not affect hearing itself. Auditory damage affects hearing.

      That will not happen.

      From my response earlier this month: "My suggestion to you would be to do your due diligence and seek out the very best specialist in Europe for an in-person evaluation - or maybe two or three specialists. Spare no expense in seeing the top people in the field."

      I wish you all the best -

      Dr. Stephen Nagler

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