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      It's been 6 weeks (since end of May 2015) that a constant ringing appeared in my head. It is a constant high-pitch sound that seems to come from the center of my head. It does not get masked from sounds that come in through the ears, i.e., I can hear them both at the same time. It is extremely annoying, but more importantly, I am nervous that it might indicate something seriously wrong with me.

      I am fairly certain the ringing started a few days after I applied something called WartStick to a finger on my right hand. About four months ago a wart appeared on that finger and would not go away. (I am fairly sure I got the wart in a gym I go to work out once or twice a week.) The WartStick (which is mostly salicylic acid, just like aspirin, which is a well-known potential cause of tinnitis) worked as advertised: you rub the WartStick (looks just like lipstick) on the wart, cover it with tape and wait. The next day remove the tape, wash the area, re-apply the WartStick, cover with new tape. It worked like a charm: the wart and the skin under the wart started to dissolve (it was not painful) in a few hours. After 4 days, several layers of skin dissolved along with the wart. After the wart was gone, I stopped the process and the skin grew back very quickly, another 2-3 days. The wart did not come back. Great!

      However, I started noticing a ring, or hum, high-pitch inside my head on either the second or third day of this process. It wouldn't go away and became quite irritating. At this point I had not connected the wart treatment with the ringing. A few years ago I had some ringing which turned out to be due to a wax build-up in my right ear. At that time I went to a doctor who flushed the ear with warm water and got rid of the wax (and the ringing). So I figured I had another wax build-up this time. I went to the doctor again. This was three weeks ago. The doctor examined me and, yes, I had wax again. A nurse flushed the ear with warm water and got rid of the wax. However, the ringing did not stop this time! It is still there, loud and clear.

      The doctor sent me to an E.N.T. (Ear-nose-throat) specialist, who, without even looking in my ears, used a machine to generate high-pitch, low-volume sounds and send them to earphones he made me wear. A standard hearing test. The conclusion was that I could not hear sounds at high frequencies. This was surprising to me since I always thought I had pretty good hearing. However, I am 68 now and we all lose our hearing as we age. All this testing was done while I was hearing the constant high-frequency sound generated in my head. So, when the machine was sending the high-frequency sounds to my ears, I could not tell if I heard them or not because I had my own high-frequency sounds! Unfortunately, the doctor was satisfied with his loss-of-high-frequency-sounds conclusion and did not want to spend too much time with me. He dismissed my wart-medicine-might-have-caused-the-tinnitus story, saying that the amount of salicylic acid was probably insufficient.

      So here we are. The sounds in my head are still there (thank God I am able to fall asleep unlike some poor people who cannot). I am pretty miserable. I have read countless stories about tinnitis. I have seen many snake-oil promises as well as conclusions that tinnitis does not go away. I don't know if my tinnitis is temporary (it's only been about 6 weeks and apparently for some people it does go away) or not. I just want it to stop or at least to diminish!

      Any ideas/consolation/help/misery-loves-company suggestions out there?
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      Welcome to TT, Stan. Sorry about your suffering from high pitch tinnitus. I have hearing loss in the high frequency so I have that high pitch T too, plus severe hyperacusis. I understand what you are going through as I have been where you are and many of us have recovered and now living a normal life. Don’t worry and give it time. Time will definitely be on your side. Your tinnitus being so new, your body and your nerve are a bit overwhelmed now with the new stimulus. The trauma of T is causing your brain to function under the limbic system of fright or fight. Your brain will have many distorted thoughts about the future, called cognitive distortions.

      But you will not always think nor react the same way in a few months, a year or two from now. Why? A few years back I was overwhelmed with ultra high pitched loud T. Worse I was also attacked soon after by severe hyperacusis. All normal sounds turned glassy in quality, and were piercingly hurtful to my senses as if being drilled constantly. I had to wear earplugs all the time, but the plugs blocked off all outside masking sounds, making the harsh T shrill so dominant and unbearable. I had to choose the lesser of two evils and there was no lesser choice between T & H. The brain saw no way out and it caved into relentless panic attacks, being that I was a panic prone person before T & H. So besides the horror of T & H, I also had to face the terrible symptoms of anxiety and panic attacks all day. I had to depend on meds just to survive each long, dark day.

      I thought I would never recover from such 'hell' of a life. But never say never. I am here back to normal today, living an absolutely enjoyable and productive life. I even travel often after T, even taking long flights and went on cruises. I went back to enjoy all that I used to enjoy. Life is beautiful now.

      If I had known that time and a positive attitude plus some strategies would turn my sufferings around, I would not have spent so much time in total misery and trauma during the initial phase of T and worried so much about the future. So hang in there. Don't stress yourself out. T feeds on stress. So best is to stay positive and relax. You will be just fine. Give yourself enough time for the body to absorb in the new sensation.

      I encourage you to read up all the success stories to give yourself some hope and comfort about the future. You will learn some valuable collective wisdom, insight and effective strategies how to triumph over T from the posters. Here is the most read success story 'Back to Silence' from IWLM, and my own version.

      Some new drugs are being tested right now with positive result. So hopefully help is on the way. Here is the success story for a member who has gone through a test trial on Autifony with 75% reduction in a few weeks.

      So be positive, relax and have a bright hope for the future. Take care. God bless your recovery.
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      Hi Stan,

      I can only reiterate everything Billie48 has said.

      Like you I too have a high pitched hissing/ringing in my head and when it first started I thought my world had ended. How wrong I was, I am now 8 months in with T and it rarely bothers me these days. And because it doesn't bother me I hardly notice it most of the time. This is called habituation and it starts to happen once you calm down (not easy I know). I ended up on diazepam for 6 weeks to help me calm down but once I had things started to improve considerably.

      I live my life exactly as before (but wear earplugs in noisy places) and I am the happy person I always was. So hang on in there Stan - yes it'll be tough for a while but you WILL be OK. Xx
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