Sleep Apnea and Using a Pulse Oximeter to Help Diagnose

Discussion in 'Support' started by melbournejeremy, Sep 11, 2018.

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      Hello guys,

      I notice there seems to be a connection with bruxism, TMJ issues, neck issues , sleep apnea and tinnitus.

      I wondered if anyone had purchased a cheap eBay Pulse Oximeter that can do 8 hours record and then review their results to see if their oxygen saturation had changed during the night, an indicator of sleep apnea? Sort of an easier indicator than doing a full sleep study where you get wired up and have to pay $$...
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      I didn't know you could buy them on eBay. I used one before from sleep study clinic. I may try CPAP again. I'm due for a new one as mine is from 2005.

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