Sleeping While Playing Tinnitus Tone Through Headphones Reduces My Tinnitus the Next Day

Discussion in 'Support' started by Jeffrey F, Dec 14, 2015.

    1. Jeffrey F

      Jeffrey F Member

      Hi everyone

      A couple months back I went to an audiologist who discussed possible paths I could take to deal with my tinnitus. She mentioned a study (which I havent been able to find) about individuals who were given a machine which plays ringing at the tone of their tinnitus. In the study they were instructed to plug headphones into the device and listen to it while they slept. She mentioned that the results were significant and that a lot of people had some success with it ( cant remember exact numbers as it was awhile ago)

      So I got curious and wanted to try something similar. I am using this site where I play a tone at 9khz hertz (The tone of my tinnitus) and listen to it while I sleep at a low volume through headphones. I have found that it reduces my tinnitus the next day. The only difficulty is finding headphones that are comfortable to wear while you are sleeping (It is difficult, I have bought a few pairs and they are still uncomfortable on my ears) but it has been worth it with the reduced ringing.

      I was hoping some people could try this and let me know if it works for them.
    2. no life

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      How would i no the tone to my tinnitus.
    3. DebInAustralia

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      Go to and find your t frequency

      What you describe is residual inhibition
    4. Jeffrey F

      Jeffrey F Member

      Ooh cool thanks Debin I have had some success with my method so will definitely give audionotch a go as well. Just wondering has anyone tried this yet? I am curious to see how it effects others
    5. dboy

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      You can get something called a pillow speaker. Might be useful. There are several on Amazon.
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    6. Jeffrey F

      Jeffrey F Member

      cheers man Ill look into this!
    7. Bobby B

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      I found a good app called Whist Tinnitus for the Iphone..
      it has a good residual inhibition setting where you can have a noise which sounds like a shower going on and off at different times - works great over night instead of just one continuous sound ..I just place the phone behind the bed and use the Iphone 6plus speaker - great sound those high frequencies work well and I feel better in the morning and sleep well too.
    8. NancyL

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      To answer your original question, I use the Bose Quiet Comfort 20s which rest in the ear but don't stick into the ear canal. The silicone tips are soft and comfortable. That said, I sleep on my back, so I don't toss around and get tangled in the cords.

      I use noise-cancelling because of the noise from my snoring partner, so if you don't have that issue you might be able to find a similar design without the pricey noise-canceling feature.
    9. Jomo

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      going for a rim shot on the snare drum.
      @Jeffrey F

      Any reason why you dont use the ACRN from the general fuzz site?

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