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      I'd like to find a pair of comfortable flat headphones, as I don't like lying on the pillow with earbuds sticking in my ears. It looks like Bedphones would be perfect but they are sold out. Will keep looking around.
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      I wonder if SleepPhones would fulfill your needs. They seem comfortable judging by the pictures. I have no first-hand experience though.
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      Hi Markku, I've tried these, what happens for me is they slip and the earphone ends up off kilter to your ears... and you wake up and that lightly tight head band that you put on has become something you need to get off as it's somehow become pressure round your head.
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      Not sure
      I've tried them too - bought them along with a dozen or more other types of 'sleep pillow / music bolster' etc. I even took a couple of them apart and tried making my own with the speakers.

      Then I tried a few childrens' pillows & ended up using a pink one that I think is a sheep - I made a pocket in its side which can be tied up after inserting an MP3 player (or a Blackberry) with a speaker.

      It works perfectly & it's still somewhere near enough my head in the morning to be of use!

      ps. I have a HUGE collection of tinnitus 'goods' that I bought which were all absolutely useless...
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      I tried the Sleep Phones, and like Carlover said, the speakers slip around and the band creates pressure, but it was worth a shot. I need to mask both tinnitus and city noise (which I wore earplugs for before). So, now I run a loud fan, and I also picked up a pair of Etymotics and Sony MDRs. I think the Etymotics will be relatively comfortable and will stay put in my ears due to their pointy shape. They're pretty high fidelity but I'm only listening to "static" so it's almost a TOO much. The Sony MDRs have a nice noise cancellation feature that gets things quieter in the background than the Etymotics. They were cheaper but not as comfortable in the ears. Some combination of these two things might be ideal (Etymotics shape + noise cancellation) but I haven't spotted it yet...

      Also the "Ambiance" and "White Noise" apps let you mix different ambient sounds together if you have a range of tinnitus tones to cover. The biggest help has been Xanax at night. As you can probably tell, I'm pretty desperate for sleep after two weeks of this plus 8 days of Prednisone insomnia--ugh!!
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      Hmm doesn't sound good...
    9. Kelli
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      viral infection
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      I was going to buy these. Thanks for this post. I think I am thinking the ones you're saying.
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      Stress or Acoustic trauma
      3 days ago I received the SleepPhones.

      Never slept better... I do not use any masking in my bedroom anymore and my wife also does not get bothered by external sounds...

      If I knew they existed before I would have bought it on the onset of my tinnitus.

      Hope it helps some of you to get a good night's rest.

      I didn't order it from this site because I live in the Netherlands, but in the Netherlands I could also get it at so perhaps different countries will sell it in different stores.
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