Sneezing Clogs Up Ears Every Time

Discussion in 'Support' started by Jaysterk, Jul 1, 2020.

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      Since the last two months, maybe a bit longer, whenever I sneeze, my ears clog up. Similar to when you ride on airplanes. I then yawn and /or maneuver my jaw open and they unclog immediately. It first started happening with my right ear but is now happening to both. I avoid sneezing as much as possible.

      I recently had and ENT stick a camera down my throat to see the outer part of my ET tubes and they looked fine. Literally told me to take antihistamines.

      Anyways, this was certainly not happening when tinnitus and hyperacusis started a year ago or at any other point in my life and was not happening up until 2 months ago.

      Additionally my ears have been clicking loudly when I swallow if that means anything. Also whenever my right ear senses a sound that is too loud or it bothers it, it will clog up for a whole day. Yawning and maneuvering the jaw releases it for a few seconds and then clogs up again.

      Does anyone have any idea why my ears clog up when I sneeze? I do suffer from mild acid reflux (LPR) and I suspect I have some form of TMJ because when I open my jaw, I can hear clicking in my left ear (every time).

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