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Discussion in 'Support' started by RudyL90, Jan 7, 2018.

    1. RudyL90

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      Anxiety disorder
      My tinnitus has changed, a lot. Since the beginning (one high pitched pure tone), many other sounds have entered the scene, so now I hear many many pure tones on different pitches, white noise and morse code. I begin to wonder: what kind of sounds are not there in my head?
      Do any of you also experience so many different sounds?

      I must say, that even though my tinnitus has changed so much, I feel a lot better! I do not focus on the phantom sounds as much as I used to and I can even read a book in complete silence without getting distracted. My brain finally begins to learn that my T is not signal worthy of monitoring. :)

      I know that asking a question like the one above will not help me... The best thing to do is just live and stop focussing on T. This is just another moment in which I give attention to my T. Tinnitus oddly enough interests me very much: it is such a weird phenomenon. So this question is rather one out of curiosity.

      In some ways my T is an enrichment to my life. It has taught me to focus on things that are important, to enoy the small things in life, to feel in stead of think and so much more.
    2. hans799

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      Worsened Dec 2016 by headphones
      I also have a nice assortment of sounds. A baseline buzz, a high-pitched dentist drill, Morse codes, spontaneous bleeps. A whole menagerie. :) Some of them always there, some of them coming and going.

      I'm also used to them, the only time I'm scared is when there's something new or louder (like right now).

      In a way, T has also helped me. I've been devoutly working out, dieting and meditating for 2 years now. Because if I don't, I go completely bonkers with anxiety. So T is basically my slavedriver, but it's driving me in a good direction. During periods when it is well-behaved, I'm actually happy.
    3. Carolyn Goatley

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      I counted up to 5 distinct sounds once. It was after a concert when it was particularly loud. I think I'm lucky. I am able to ignore the tinnitus most of the time. I have never felt anxiety from it. I guess since my dad had it for years I just thought I got a genetic disorder from him. He dealt with it pretty good until his late 50's which is coming up for me. He started losing more hearing and that bothered him some. I have had some hearing loss and am concerned I might be tone deaf now. But it's not the end of the world and I have other things to deal with. I just got to get people to speak up for me now. Hopefully I'll learn a lot here and maybe be even better at coping. So sorry for the people here who are suffering. I hate that for you.
    4. undecided

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      Yeah, my t has also changed a lot, starting as a hum, going to a higher frequency, then becoming a head noise, now it's kinda like electricity in the back of my head. And many stages in between, at a point you get bored of counting and monitoring and just move on.
      I wouldn't call it enrichment, probably never will, just something that's there, like my foot. Most of the time i'm indiferrent to my foot.
    5. JustCallMeZee

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      Constant exposure to loud music from earphones
      I have about 5 tones in one ear, and 4 in the other. What ever tone you can name, I have it. From hissing, to morse code, just name it, I have it.

      But anyway, I wanna ask has anyone physically improved in anyway since their onset of multiple tones? Not just habituating and getting used to T, but I mean actually healing, like a tone going away for example.
    6. Jen10

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      Ear trauma
      I am amazed at your awesome attitude. Mine changes all the time too and it scares me from time to time. What I hate most is fleeting tinnitus. I want to be where you are today, not giving a crap and not monitoring. I'm just curious is your tinnitus loud?
    7. Tanni

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      This is my dream!

      My Tinnitus has changed a lot for me too. Started with just one ringing tone for a year that I can rarely ever hear now. I have multiple other tones that have come in, that seem to change daily.

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