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Discussion in 'Support' started by mikey13, Feb 13, 2014.

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      ...was nothing exciting. he didn't seem too concerned about the T. ,which I'm not sure how to take. then again,he did say the audiologist called off sick yesterday,so he couldn't really do any testing on me. part of me was hoping it was due to sinus issues,but he said I didn't have an infection and my sinuses showed the symptoms of alleries,not infection. he did look in my ears,and said the ylooked fine to him,no infections or blockages.

      so,I go back in about 2 weeks to finally see the audiologist. but while I should be happy nothing was wrong,I guess part of me hoped that the T. was due to the sinuses,therefore more likely for a solution. oh well...
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      I hate how ent always look in my ear and says things like great! Or nothin in that ear.. Then looks at the other one.. Nothing in that ear! I wanted to be like no shit sherlock lol my t was noice induced and ive never had problems with cloggy ears! Then he just talked with me about how he plays the drums and telling me to never stop just get musician ear plugs.. And even my questions like will my T get worse still? And hes like i cant see why it will as long if you protect yourself.. He said small party im fine even bars that arent too extremely loud.. He just said if theres a band playin to get outta there after 20 mins or it could cause damage.. But dont intend to see bands anyways.. But how is he encouraging me to still play the drums? I mean i love it and all and will never stop.. Just over protect and play softer but in your case at least there might be a reason why you have T and just have to find the cause and who knows maybe treatable.. Cause noise induced aint jack shit treatable lol
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      Likely stress, anxiety, an antibiotic and nsaids

      I've found the medical community is useless with T (ENTs are part of med community). I think ENTs are trained/counseled to react nonchalant because they know the individual's anxiety levels are a big factor in their T levels (so they try to act calm). Or, it could be they are so overwhelmed they have given up.

      Allergies can be a big factor; however, be weary of folks trying to sell you a bunch of meds for it. My pastor got hoodwinked out of 1000s of dollars because some shyster convinced him his allergies were the cause.

      In the long run, the person 'helping' you should be able to explain to you in detail (and with common sense) what they see as the cause and precisely what they plan to do about it; outside of that, T sufferers get so desperate they become easy prey to soul-less crooks (just look up how many 'sure-cures' there are for T).

      Don't get discouraged! T is NOT the end of the world, it's manageable; I'm to the 'care less' point (after a year)

      I got hooked up with a very good audiologist (Nebraska Hearing Instruments, Omaha, NE) -- they specialize in treating severe and invasive tinnitus (mine was really bad). It has helped a lot.

      Nonetheless, it never hurts to check for the obvious/simple things (like you are doing now); why change out the whole engine when simply changing the spark plugs will do the trick? I remember my disappointment that it wasn't something simple; I am, however, discovering some very key aspects of mine (and what to do about them). Hopefully yours will turn out to be a passing thing (it happened that way for a buddy of mine -- had it for five months and it went away).
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