Soft Foam Ear Plugs While Flying?

Discussion in 'Support' started by scankaroo, Oct 12, 2016.

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      Hi all. Would appreciate your advice. In 11 days I'm taking an 8 hour flight to New York from Ireland.

      I have earplanes plugs which I've used on short 45 minute flights before between Ireland & UK. However, I find my T spikes afterwards and stays that way for 3-4 days. I notice the difference earplanes do with pressure equalisation. But I don't think they help much with white noise reduction.

      With this in mind, I'd love to know opinions about wearing standard soft ear plugs after ascent and before decent. The fact my T might be louder during wearing them doesn't bother me. It's the 3-4 day afterwards spike I want to minimise.

      Feedback appreciated. I know of practical tips outside this such as sit in front of the wings as opposed behind due to engine noise etc.

      Many thanks.
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      I've had absolutely no problem with wearing soft foam ear plugs after ascent through 5+ hrs of flight then removing them for descent. I also wore earmuffs over them.
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      Thank you soulstation.

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