Somatic Pulsatile Tinnitus (with Low Pitch!)

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      Somatosensory Pulsatile Tinnitus
      I'm here on behalf of my 74 year-old mother who's just been diagnosed with suspected Somatosensory (Somatic) Pulsatile Tinnitus. She has suffered from "whooshing" noises, a loud beating/thumping that may be in line with her pulse, and a tightness from the head, down to the neck, and sometimes right down the spine to her legs. Venous causes were ruled out after a CT Venogram found no significant narrowing of the blood vessels and pressing on the neck did not stop the problems. Thus, we're left with SSPT, which we largely except, though we have some nagging doubts and unanswered questions/observations some forum members might be able to help us out with...

      1. I keep reading the SSPT is associated with a "high-pitched" sound — but in her case it's more of a low-pitch "whooshing"/thumping noise?

      2. We're thinking now that the "tightness" in her neck/spine might be the cause rather than a symptom of her problems, so we're about to go down the physio route. Anyone had any success with this?

      3. She likes to spend most of her day in bed — we're not sure if that's an anxiety thing (her bedroom is her 'happy place'), or whether the support of pillows on her beck helps the symptoms?

      4. Oddest of all, my mother finds meal-times very difficult as she describes her body "ramping up" after swallowing food (or even a tablet/pill), to the extent that she has to go and lie down. This is the factor that worries me most as I can't work out the cause?

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