Some Ideas I'm Trying to Help Lower My Tinnitus. Are There Even Better Ones Out There?

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      I have had some success in lowering the perception of my T by trying ideas in this forum, and modifying the ideas presented in this forum. Thank you to all!

      If anyone has better ideas on how to tweak these inexpensive over-the-counter supplements ideas that I have tried, or wants to tweak/ suggest the limited foods that I have tried, or wants me to try something that they have tried ... or otherwise have found sound therapy files that work well -- let's try!—-possible-treatment.500/page-35#post-155224
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      not sure
      Have you tried things such as ACRN? If you need DIY notched Acoustic Coordinated Reset Neuromodulation (ACRN), then consider these two sites:
      (please be careful and research the pro and con on ACRN before proceeding with caution, as some folks do find these not suitable for their T)

      How about Mindfulness meditation? You can google it or search youtube for it to learn how to do that. How is your sleep? If you need help to sleep, you can of course get meds from doctors. But instead of sleep meds from the doctor, you can try natural alternatives such as Camomile tea, Hops, Valerian tablets, Melatonin etc. Check out this site on using natural herbs for sleep problem:

      One problem sometimes is that we spend too much effort to heal T, and that can bring too much anxiety and stress in itself. T feeds on our anxiety and stress. So for some members, it is the letting go and the acceptance that can truly free them from the T bondage. Here is a member writing his success story after he switches to 'Doing Nothing' for T:
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      > Have you tried things such as ACRN?

      I have not specifically tried ACRN. I saw a youtube video on how to create the sound files, and I understand the theory. What I do know ( via my experimenting with different sound files) is that I can shift the T to a higher frequency by listening to a modified (wah-wah + paul stretched) 5300 Hz tone. Weird, isn't it?

      Does anyone know if this company's to treat tinnitus works?

      > How about Mindfulness meditation?
      Anything that lowers BP is a good thing to try.

      > If you need help to sleep ...
      Chamomile does not work for me. I never tried melatonin.

      Of course, there are some homeopathic remedies that don't work, so we need to be careful of that.
      Randi overdosing on homeopathic sleeping pills

      I can read this to see if I can apply the ideas.

      Thanks for all the help! I'll will be working through all this new information.
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      > Have you tried things such as ACRN?

      I read about ACRN after reading your helpful post to me.

      I tried an audio file for at least an hour. I found interesting results: The ACRN audio file was able to 'tune' my tinnitus higher, which is a result similar to what I obtained from experimenting with my wah-wah and paul-stretch file tone of 5300 Hz

      I am encouraged by both of these positive (neither contraindicated, nor negative) results. Today, I can tolerate the higher pitched 'tinnitus results'. I was not expecting a cure; but I did find relief. I can do more experimenting.

      The good news is: the tinnitus is not worse. I have read that some experience worse symptoms with some audio treatment.

      During January 2016, I will return for another ENT exam. My 2015 MRI ruled out auditory neuroma, and other vessel problems. I will ask if the MRI shows any internal ear damage. I'll also ask the ENT about these newfangled research papers, and the Mayo Clinic's study on Mg as a general aid to T.

      Whatever T that I have, it is not affected by consumption of small amounts of dark chocolate and small amounts of black tea. I am puzzled by my personal result. Caffeine is supposed to drive T up -- I have not found this to be the case for me.

      What was your experience with ACRN? I'll continue to test. The next thing to try is a pure Mg spray. Lots of folks have reported success with this, so I got a bottle of that from a local whole-foods shop. Since I have had prior success with ordinary cheap over-the-counter Mg-Ca-D2 supplements (seems to reduce the perception of 'pain' with tinnitus), I was willing to try the more expensive Mg spray.
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