Some Suggestions & Hope for Tinnitus Sufferers

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      I would like to offer some suggestions, and hope, to those suffering with tinnitus, based on my recent personal experience with this cruel “affliction.” My heart breaks for those here and elsewhere suffering and in despair and as a result, I’m leaving large contributions in my will to organizations involved with tinnitus. Because tinnitus is relatively uncommon, its victims suffer in silence. God bless you all!

      Several days ago, I woke up to be “greeted” by an intensely loud ringing in my ears on the level of a siren. This was the first time I ever experienced anything like this. I felt a sense of shock and confusion leading to agony and anguish. I had heard of tinnitus, but, knew little about it other than it involving ringing or other noise(s) in one’s ears. I was in a state of panic over the unceasing noise in my ears. In doing research on my situation, I became more knowledgeable about tinnitus. The ringing continued throughout the day and the ensuing days until some relief began to occur in diminishing intensity over time. Now, I’m experiencing only minor ringing and faint humming that, hopefully, will disappear, as the original siren sound did.

      What I have learned, and, forgive me if you already know this, is tinnitus is not so much an affliction in and of itself as it is a symptom of an underlying issue(s). The underlying issues can range from simply earwax clogging one’s ears, to more involved issues, such as an ear infection or ear damage caused by very loud noises or music. Stress and high blood pressure are also possible causes or aggravators. Perhaps, less known is tinnitus can also be caused by TMJ/TMD—I certainly did not know this.

      In my case, the two major sources of my tinnitus plaguing me were indeed earwax and TMJ/TMD. It was an ENT specialist who ruled out my home stereo system as the culprit, which I’ve been listening to for many years, even at relatively loud levels (e.g., 85 decibels). First, he removed from both ears chunks of blackened earwax that had been compacted deep in my ear canals. Immediately, the tinnitus was diminished. He also determined, based on other facts I provided, that the cause of the tinnitus was related to TMJ/TMD, and, indeed, I’m now working with a physical therapist specializing in TMJ/TMD who has pinpointed the specific parts of my jaw causing the tinnitus. Eliminating the TMJ/TMD will lead to elimination of the tinnitus. My fondness for eating nuts and other “hard” foods certainly affected my TMJ/TMD which, in turn, contributed to my tinnitus.

      So, I would like to suggest that others with tinnitus see an ENT, if you haven’t already done so, for an ear examination, and deep ear cleaning, and discuss the possibility of TMJ/TMD as the cause. If TMJ/TMD is the cause, find a good physical therapist. And, try to reduce the stress and anxiety in your lives, which I know is easier said than done, which can worsen the tinnitus.

      I hope this helps at least some people. My heart goes out to you and I wish you all recovery.
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      Acoustic trauma.
      I'm glad yours is diminishing. I hope for your silence!
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      who knows
      Happy for you. Just to let you know though, tinnitus is not uncommon. It is actually extremely common.
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