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Discussion in 'Alternative Treatments and Research' started by engineerLA, Feb 14, 2014.

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      Some things I figured out that helped with my Tinnitus:

      If you can figure out the exact frequency of the sound of your tinnitus -- and you happen to have an audio frequency generator -- it's worth trying this too -- it did give me some relief: tune the frequency generator (or Rife machine, or synthesizer or whatever) to the frequency of your tinnitus tone and play that into your ear. It seems to create destructive interference or at least it stimulates the auditory pathways that are causing the problem and "neutralizes" the tinnitus for a while. This, as well as downloading some tinnitus white noise, rain and wave tracks were all helpful in at least providing some temporary relief.

      I also found some supplements for Tinnitus that helped (I have no connection to these companies and your mileage may vary but they helped me):

      But while they were stopgaps, the only thing that TRULY solved the problem was the Prednisone.

      One more thing to note -- from a Chinese medicine perspective another leading cause of ear ringing is a problem in the kidneys or liver. It takes many months of acupuncture and herbs a few times a week but it can resolve the problem if you commit to this approach. Organ damage or energy problems can be caused by diet, toxicity from medicines, or other injuries or simply emotional damage. Chinese medicine is great at helping at that level.
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      I started Chinese medicine a few weeks ago for tinnitus (and psoriasis) after the ringing suddenly became louder and affected my sleep. I'm curious what your experience has been in using Chinese medicine, engineerLA? Thanks.
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      How long was it after you got tinnitus that you started taking prednisone?

      Edit: Wow just realized this was posted back in February lol. Lucky guy got some help from the doctors.
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      Hi sorry I am late to respond to your questions.

      Chinese medicine can help with tinnitus -- but it makes a huge difference what kind of tinnitus you have. For example if the tinnitus is due to toxicity or liver/gallbladder issues there would one treatment protocol. If the tinnitus is due to inflammation there would be a different protocol. If it is due to infection or injury or TMJ there would be different protocols.

      Usually the approach would be frequent (many times a week) acupuncture -- ideally electro-acupuncture using a TENS machine on the needles to increase the effect (only some practitioners know how to do this but it is becoming more popular), and this would also be coupled with Chinese herbs (or tea pills) for the specific systems involved.

      Yes it can help, but it is slow and works deeply. It's not an overnight thing -- but depending on the cause it could be a key to healing (for example if the root issue is liver/gallbladder imbalance).

      I have also found a great Chinese allergy pill that reduces the root causes of allergies, and I use this every day: -- it's from a small reseller or maybe they make it -- it works VERY well for severe allergies. I take it along with Allegra. It makes a big difference for pollen and pet allergies, and also for mold and dust -- by reducing your allergic response.
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      I quote from 'tinnitus 100 remedies':
      • In the sixth century, the physician Trallianus wrote the following about tinnitus: “Rub cedar rosin vinegar or snails and centipedes in oil behind the ear.” I’ve tried plenty of things to cure my tinnitus, but I will leave the latter remedy to someone else.
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