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      Hi, so I'm not much of a poster on this forum, like most I like to pretend I don't have T because as you all know the more you dwell on it the higher the intensity, but I felt it was my duty to share some clips I found on YouTube that I have genuinely found to be effective for reducing and even muting my T for a bit.

      The owner claims it's based on a science related to the Vagus nerve, and that he did some exercises along with listening to these pitch-playing vids he created himself and managed to reduce his T to a minimum. I was skeptical but gave it a shot, and to my amazement found that it did leave a weird twinging effect after listening to the vids for a minute. afterwards muting or reducing the pitch of my T, giving me some instant relief when my T was blaring for a little while.

      He's only got like, 240 hits on the vids so I wanted to post here to help others and spread the word.
      I have heard that for some T sufferer's it had no effect or made their T louder for a while, so I have a theory this only works for people with HIGH-PITCH tinnitus, and I would recommend those with other types of T not try out these clips. I'm very curious to see if it works with other people besides myself, too! I find the 3YT and 4YT vids work wonders for my T.

      Here's the link to his channel--
      *UPDATE* Sorry, the link doesn't work for some reason, so just go to YouTube and search for Val Tito.

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