Sorry If This Has Been Answered... :( Is This Just Tinnitus?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Vikoi, Nov 21, 2015.

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      Hi guys,

      So my ears have been fine up until about a year ago when I started swimming more regularly. Id get out the pool after going under water and my hearing would be totally muffled and I had to say pardon' so many times. I stopped swimming then 8 months later my 3 yr old son had a bit of a cold. It didn't affect me in normal col terms but gradually my left ear went deaf. Slowing my right one did too but I could still hear a little. Chemist gave me drops which didn't work so i went to docs (at this point my ears were hurting). They looked in ears and said they were heavily blocked with wax and 'possibly' had water behind the wax. Gave me antibiotic ear drops and told me to use olive oil. Long story short, 3 weeks later one of them is okay but the other I can constantly hear that seashell shhhhhhh noise (weirdly the better of the 2). I feel like my doc thinks I'm being a hypochondriac as is so busy and I'm scared to bother him. Is this just tinnitus and do I just need to get used to it? xx
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      I have no idea if that seashell noise is T. Does it sound like a high pitched ringing or buzzing?
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      It might be but I wouldn't pay mind to it. Just use hearing protection and get on with your life.

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