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      Hello, stumbled across this site while the air was screaming at me this morning. Going to throw down my quick story and see if there is any advice out there.

      I had a mild level of hedonistic music enjoying ringing for most of my life, only noticed it when it was really quiet and it wasn't a big deal.

      Approx 3 months ago the volume went up... way up. It's now a screaming ring, both ears equally, about 6khz, fluctuating occasionally but never reducing.

      Super odd thing is I can still hear very faint sounds like a mouse rustling the trash, neighbor upstairs, music tone is still good etc.

      This all means silence is defaning, I can't sleep, and I can't get to an ENT doc for 3 weeks.

      Only change a few months ago was switching brands of Zyrtec to a super cheap knock-off... Saw that mentioned both ways, Z makes it better and worse. Going to stop taking today as first test.

      Thanks for reading,

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      not sure
      Welcome @Amikuliak. I am not sure what caused your sudden spike. But you can't sleep, perhaps try masking your T. You can use a sound machine, sound pillow, or try these suggestions:

      TT’s own excellent masking sounds:

      If you need more masking sounds, here is free ‘aire freshener’:

      Rain sounds are soothing indeed. How about making your own rain sounds with this rain generator:

      Search youtube with ‘masking sounds’ and you will also get lots of different nature sounds, such as rain, waves, waterfalls, running brooks, insect sounds, even shower & faucet etc.

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